Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Mini Loaded Envelope *January*

2018 is quickly approaching so I welcome it with open arms. Hope each and everyone of you had a blessed Christmas with your loved ones and enjoyed the celebration of Jesus' birthday.

New year equals new swaps over on This past year I hosted a swap for loaded envelopes and we basically created a loaded envelope using brown paper bags and followed the months theme requirements and it was always just a one-on-one partner swap. This year, I want to do something a tid-bit different. This year we will be making mini loaded envelopes and will be swapping as a group swap and there may be a month thrown in there where we may do a one-on-one partner swap with a regular loaded envelope. But as of now for January, we will do a group swap for the minis. Below I have demonstrated how I made mine. You can chose to make yours how you want, just be able to follow the size requirements. All of the requirements will be listed over on YPP (website listed above).

These are just some of the examples I came up with.
By the way they look in the photo, they look just like a standard loaded envelope, but they are my minis. These size at 4" X 6". Super adorable. Come along as I show you my process of making these. Process will only include the base of the bag/envelope. 

Gather yourself a 8 1/2" X 9" cardstock or design paper. Use the paper you'd like to create the bag/envelope itself. 
* Score on the 8 1/2" at 1/2" and 4 1/2" then 
* Score on the 9" at 3

* Place the 3" score line to be at the bottom of the sheet. You will need to make a cut so with the 3" score line at the bottom, go to the 4.5" score line  and measure 1/2" over to the right of that score line. This is where a cut will need to be made. Cut on the new measure 1/2" and cut up to the 3" score line. This cut is the beginning of making your hinge for the lower pocket. 

* Next, you will need to cut that piece away so go to the 3" score line starting on the right side and cut to that 4.5" score line, as shown in the photo below. 

*We will then taper areas away to create hinges. Follow the photo example to see where you will taper/mider the corners. Once you have those areas removed, it should look like as shown in the photo. In the upper left can be tapered as well. 

*As you will probably be able to know, now it is all about folding and gluing to assemble the bag/envelope. 
*To assemble, with the left top hinge folded in, place glue or tape on the top of the hinge and then bring the right panel over and adhere down to that hinge. 
* Then you will need to gather both the hinges on the bottom and fold in, place glue or tape on top of those hinges and bring up to adhere to the top panel. 
*In doing this, this will create a bag/envelope to be loaded with a top loading pocket as well as a front pocket. This is done just like you would do with a brown lunch bag folded. Doing it this way allows you to make you own bag without limitations to just a brown bag. 

Thanks for stopping by and visiting. If you are new to YPP or haven't ventured to that site yet, please feel free to come over, visit and hope you find yourself curious enough to join us over there. They have monthly swaps and quite a few of different swap options. You aren't out nothing just by coming over and checking it out. 
But if you are a returning swapper, welcome the new YPP year. 

Hope you all have a very blessed day!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Strengthens Me

Good Morning to you all this fine Thursday. Hope all is well. Today, I want to share another inspirational quote to you. For me personally, this hits home. So many times in the past (before I learned) I always thought to run my own life. I made the path that I traveled and the destination that I wanted. Well after many times hitting that brick wall at the end of the road, I realized how totally wrong I was. I was going along the (wrong) path the whole time. It's funny how I kept smashing my face into the wall, but it finally hurt enough to seek out what I was doing wrong. I have always believed in God, however I didn't really follow the path that He wanted me on. It took many times but I did find God's path and I have yet hit the wall since. I share this story and how the quote relates to me because now that I give it all to God, I have yet fallen on my face again or hit that brick wall. In turn,I CAN DO ALL THINGS.
My last post, I shared another one of my designs, "God has a plan" and I showed the design on a tote bag, a laptop sleeve and a framed print. Today, I want to share what my designs look like on a bed comforter, beach towel, tank top shirt, and phone sleeves. Again, I have listed the details of these items below each photo. Hop on over to my S6 shop to see all of my designs and what they look like on all of the provided, awesome items. Over the next few days, I will be filtering out some of my designs off this shop and re-organizing my art. The quoted items will stay! To view items, please check out the link addresses that I had listed below. Until then, check these out.....
I love the soft teal tapering to white ombre effect of this design. LOVE- LOVE

Our comforters are cozy, lightweight pieces of sleep heaven. Designs are printed onto 100% microfiber polyester fabric for brilliant images and a soft, premium touch. Lined with fluffy polyfill and available in king, queen and full sizes. Machine washable with cold water gentle cycle and mild detergent.

BEACH TOWEL: Lay out like a pro with this super comfy, oversized and unique artist-designed Beach Towel. The soft polyester-microfiber front and cotton terry back are perfect for, well, drying your front and back. This design is also available as a bath and hand towel. Machine washable. Towel Dimensions: 74"x37"

Also avaiable for hand towels and bath towels. 
This artist-designed Hand Towel is the ultimate bathroom accessory! With a soft polyester-microfiber front and cotton terry back, it'll dry you off and act as the perfect creative accent. This design is also available as a bath and beach towel. Machine washable. Towel Dimensions: 
Hand Towel 30"x15", Bath Towel 64"x32", Beach Towel 74"x37"

Fine Jersey Tank Tops are made with 100% fine jersey cotton combed for softness and comfort. Heather Grey contains 10% Polyester.

Skins are thin, easy-to-remove, vinyl decals for customizing your device. Skins are made from a patented material that eliminates air bubbles and wrinkles for easy application.
And of course, a framed print.

I have shared some examples of what items are provided with designs from artists as I listed above, but if you are just wanting a print, and don't want to wait for shipping, then I have some news! Over on my ETSY shop this poster will be available in digital form so that you all you have to do is purchase it, print it, hang it and enjoy this message.

On S6:
 and on ETSY search for jklclanstudio

Thank you so much for taking a gander at this post, until next time- God Bless!